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Monday, April 20, 2009

[TRANS] 090413 Bigeastation Ep. 107 - YunJaeChun (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

i can't seem to embed the audio D;; I pretty much fail when using imeem, sorry.

Tohoshinki’s Bigeastation, today’s hosts are Yunho and
Jaejoong: Jaejoong and
Yoochun: And Yoochun, please look after us~
Jaejoong and Yunho: Please look after us~
Yunho: Lately Tohoshinki is busy rehearsing for the world tour starting from 4 May, how do the both of you feel about the rehearsal?
Jaejoong: Yes~
Yoochun: Its only just started; it feels quite good; everybody is working very hard.
Yunho: Oh~ This time, what kind of tour do you want to do?
Jaejoong: This time ah~ (Yunho: En~ [T/N: a sound that means “Yup”]) That~~~ In the past I also kept mentioning, wanting to let everybody see on the stage a Tohoshinki even more mature than the past tour.
Yoochun: Yes ah~
Jaejoong: So, we will work hard with all our strength.
Yunho: Working hard with all our strength in preparation~ What are the highlights of this time’s tour?
Jaejoong: Highlights ah~ (Yunho: En) Isn’t this time’s tour name “The Secret Code”~ Maybe there will be a lot of hidden secrets, we are now also rehearsing in preparation, I myself am also very anticipating. In addition, the audience watching the stage from their seats, while wondering just what is hidden, also tries to find out. Thinking about it; its really worth anticipating~
Yunho: Oh~ Very much worth anticipating~
Jaejoong: Yes ah~
Yunho: Everybody is really working very hard to prepare, let us meet at the concert~ Now there’s still 1 month before the tour (Yoochun: Yes ah~) For the sake of presenting to everybody a perfect stage, we will work hard~ (Jaejoong: Correct~) Let us meet at the concert~ Following this, let’s listen to today’s opening song, from the 22 April-released 2A single~
Yunho, Jaejoong and Yoochun: Share the world

Yunho: Tohoshinki’s Bigeastation, today by Yunho and
Jaejoong: Jaejoong and
Yoochun: Yoochun brought to you~
Yunho: Ok~ With the following time, Bigeastation 2-year anniversary goods – incense candles suit, (Yoochun: miao~), is finishing soon, we will report the development here.
Yoochun: Previously on the show we said we were in the middle of designing, designing~ has now been finished already!! (applause)
Yunho: Wah oh~ Finally been finished~
Jaejoong: It has been finished like this.
Yunho: Yes ah~ Both of you, what are your opinions towards the design?
Yoochun: Yah~~~
Jaejoong: Very good ah~
Yoochun: How to say~ Very stylish~
Yunho: It has a stylish feel, and…
Jaejoong: In contrast I feel that it is very cute~
Yoochun: Is it cute?
Jaejoong: Yes ah~ Cute as well as stylish, and has the function of relaxing emotions too.
Yunho: Yes ah~
Jaejoong: Use it when sleeping~
Yunho: I really feel its not bad.
Yoochun: I really want ah~ [T/N: Lol Chun why don’t you take it then since you’re the maker]
Yunho: I really want to quickly take it and use it~
Yoochun: Yes ah~
Yunho: This time’s design; we also hope to let everybody see~
Jaejoong: This can already be seen now oh!
Yoochun: Ah?!
Jaejoong: It can already be seen oh!
Yoochun: It can already be seen?
Jaejoong: Yes. Well then, why did I say the design can already be seen? Actually its… (Yoochun: Yes~) Actually its…
Yunho: Actually its…
Yoochun: Your expression today is very comical~
Jaejoong: Haha~ Actually its… (Yoochun: Yes~) Bigeastation 2-year anniversary Original Goods’ special website has already been made!
Yoochun: Really?!
Yunho: So its like this ya~
Yoochun: So fantastic!
Jaejoong: Although the budget was a little tight, that…
Yunho: But it was still completed~
Jaejoong: With difficulty it was still completed~
Yunho: That’s right~ The website is already up; it’s the same as last year, the goods website can be directly accessed from the show’s homepage, Jaejoong~ (Jaejoong: Yes~) The website is~
Jaejoong: www.jfn.co.jp/toho (repeats once more) (Yunho secretly laughing)
Yunho: (Laughs) Got a little tangled up in your words right~ www~ (Laughs)
Jaejoong: Yes~ The website has a special Bigeastation limited Goods segment, may everybody please visit it.
Yunho: Yes, please look after us~ After this there is still an important matter to announce~
Yoochun: Yes, this time can I, Yoochun announce it?
Yunho and Jaejoong: Can ah~
Yoochun: En~ Is it really okay?
Jaejoong: Faster!
Yunho: Its really okay~
Yoochun: Really okay oh~
Jaejoong: Fas~ ter!
Yunho: Its okay la~
Yoochun: (Laughs) Then I’ll say~ Now I announce the incense candles suit preselling time!
Jaejoong: Yoochun~ (Yoochun: Yes!) Can this be announced already?
Yoochun: Yes~ I think it can~
Jaejoong: Can you announce it now?
Yoochun: En, can, can oh~
Yunho: Now, now.
Jaejoong: Okay, please say, please say~
Yunho: (Laughs)
Yoochun: Then I’m saying lo~ Bigeastation 2-year anniversary Original Goods incense candles suit preselling starts from 18 April, noon.
Yunho: Oh~ ya~ this is so impressive ah~
Jaejoong: Its earlier than I expected~
Yoochun: It’s a little early; its coming soon~
Yunho: En~ Yoochun~ (Yoochun: Yes~) Can I trouble you to repeat it once more at a slower speed? (Yoochun: Okay~) Slower a bit~
Yoochun: Incense candles suit preselling starts from 18 April, Saturday at noon.
Jaejoong: Oh~
Yunho: Yes~ Mentioning in passing, the preselling period is 2 weeks, the same as last year, which also means, it will be from 18 April, Saturday at noon to 2 May, Saturday at noon. Late orders will not be accepted, everybody must take note oh~
Jaejoong: Yes, the message spoken above will also be displayed on the special website, for details please visit the website, we welcome everybody’s patronage.
Yunho and Yoochun: Please look after us.
Yunho: After this let’s listen to songs~ This song is playing for the first time on Bigeastation, everybody let’s listen together~ Tohoshinki’s~
Yunho, Jaejoong and Yoochun: We are!

Yunho: Once more is Tohoshinki’s news. Firstly is the 2A new single “Share the World/We Are” that is about to release on 22 April, may everybody support! Tohoshinki’s new album “The Secret Code” is currently on sale, we anticipate receiving everybody’s opinions. Tohoshinki’s 4th live tour “The Secret Code” will start world touring on 4 May from Kobe World Hall; I believe it will be a very fantastic tour; everybody has to come to play when the time comes oh! The show welcomes the audience’s messages, the website is: www.jfn.co.jp/toho (repeats once more), Toho is spelt T.O.H.O. The show’s homepage will also have pictures of the recording scene, everybody must come and see oh~

Please do not take this post out of the blog.
Translated by:
tokyolovelight @LJ

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