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Monday, June 15, 2009

[TRANS] 090615 The Secret Code Last Day In Osaka - Fan Account (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

As expected, the live in Japan was amazing. I still feel excited now and I really wanted to share with everyone, so I braced myself and typed this account.

It started at 3pm, but I went there way earlier so I entered once the doors opened. The indoor was really nice, especially with the air conditioning, I almost had a stroke outside, but it was cold upon entering.

My seat was near the side stage on the right. The Osaka arena is not big, so I could still see quite clearly.

J-MIN did the opening at around 3.50pm, she sang 2 songs, her live was quite good.

After that, they played another video before getting down to business.

The lights were turned down, and the red sea became visible immediately. Japanese concerts only allow official goods, so the entire arena was the same, a sea of red, it was breathtaking. 

The big screen played a video. It was about them trying to steal jewelry, with Junsu responsible for stealing while the other 4 were to cover for him. After they defeated their opponents, the 5 met again. But before they met up, they met and broke up with 5 women; note that all the women were foreigners, Min and Micky were dumped and the other 3 did the dumping. Yunho gave the woman an air ticket, I couldn't really grasp the video's meaning.

Then it began. Since it's a Live, the feeling was amazing, and the 5 of them sang superbly as expected. When they are singing, they kept showing shots of 2J on the screen. As everyone knows 9095 uses mic stands, and it was raised from the bottom of the stage during FORCE. They added a new dance part to Purple Line, it was awesome. 2J were on the right. HoChunMin were on the left. (I have to say this, Jung Yunho was supposed to be on the right, but he kept running to the left.) For today's Box In The Ship, Yunho said "Takoyaki", Changmin said "Osaka", Jae's was "Douyuukoto?" and Micky said "Everyone OK?". Junsu's was "vinegar". Today's Summer Dream was led by Changmin, and his moves doesn't lose to Junsu.

As for the MC part, my brain is still a blur, so I'm just going with the flow and it might not be the actual sequence. At first it was the usual greetings, but they warmed up after a bit. It seems like recently they are addicted to the new 『Otsukareyama』gag. (**T/N: See explanation below) Yunho did the old man version, Changmin did the cute version, and the other 3 claimed that they were doing the sexy version. Junsu was kneeling down, with Jae on his back and then Micky on Jae's. Everyone, just use your imagination. Before singing Wasurenaide, they talked about heights and music composition. So it's again HoMin versus JaeChunSu. This time the 2 on the left were rather quiet, with the other 3 stealing the limelight and playing up the the cameras.

Before singing Stand By U, Changmin introduced the new single, saying it's about a love story that everyone experiences, and everyone sighed along with him. In the end, everyone didn't want to let them sing, wanting to continue talking with them for a little more, and it really did drag out a little. Maybe it's because it's the last performance, and everyone was unwilling to part.

When I was in China I bought a cow PJs that Yunho wore before and brought it along with me, but it was too hot to wear it then. I only wore it when they were introducing the dancers and they were going to change into the colourful outfit. After Kiss The Baby Sky, they were walking around the arena thanking everyone, and when they came to our area we were using towels to attract their attention. OMG, he saw me wear it. Yunho pointed at it for awhile, then waved at us. I went crazy, I actually made eye contact with him in Japan. China's Yunho-fans, you should know that Yunho knows of us too. 

When the last song Bolero ended, the 5 of them disappeared, and the last stage in Osaka ended too.

Please take out with full credits.
Credits: uk-ism.com + mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net+tvxqfever.blogspot.com

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