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Monday, May 25, 2009

[TRANS] 090524 Micky Party FanAccount (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

(all stories inside told by his mom)

Today I went to Micky Party and posted this at home

There were so many pics of yuchun oppa from the entrance. I took so many pics and waited for 2 hours to get in to the auditorium.

At first , they opened Seolleim Cf and I was surprised so I strated screaming.( sorry to uni students sitting in front of me)

Then after video session., special guest for this event appeard.

It was Yoochun Mom.

She really made us happy with her story. Especially about her dream .

She dreamt about getting two gold bananas and the meaning about this is she would receive big treasure at young age. She thought about twins at first. It was likely to be lovely daughter or if it was boy he would be beautiful and pretty like woman. He/she would be musician or get jobs relating to art. He/she would be scared of lots of thing and good-looking for both male and female. (OMG sooooo true)

Moreover, she told us these stories.
Yoochun is really scared of bugs . If there was only one fly ,he would hold a bracket and wandered around. Sometimes if those insects were still there, he would use one can of F killer (insecticide i think) to kill them all. Out of all the bugs he's really scared of the most scariest one is spider because he said when he sees their eyes, they feel like they can really move so fast. There was time when he confronted with spider and he called for yoohwan and asked him if it was dead and yoohwan said it was., Yoohwan just used his hand to stamp it and then he responded with choking sign. He's really different from yoohwan. Yoowhan,even at 4th, he grabbed spider with his bare hand. Even now if yoochun sees spider, he calls her or yoohwan while he himself runs away somewhere else. She asked him "in this hous u r a man. isnt u supposed to be the one take it away?" and he said "i cant with something like spider" (How cute chun scared of bugs )

He likes to dance since he was young, At the student exhibition, if his friends did it wrong, he would leave the chair and get them to make it right. He liked to sing to himself too, Since grade 2-3 ,he started to collect CDs and more than 100 of them had been collected when he was in grade 5-6. Besides, he would always clean them carefully and put them in order. He listened to all of them too. She said yoochun loved to sit on his dad's lap while listen to the music and that was when she thought he should be singer or if not be musician . (chunnie is sooooo neat at this young age and yoochun with his dad hurts me )

Since he was young, he had interested in dressing up.( our young fashionista)
His mom also loved to buy him clothes. ( she said sorry to yoowhan too haha)
Therefore, since he was young,he really liked mickey mouse shirt,(since then it was micky)

He paid attention to his hairstyle too. He really liked putting jell on and parted his hair by 2:8. When he went to school, he would use spray to fix his hair and if he found out in school mirror that it gets bad ,he would come back home again. (rofl Chun hair style~~)

Harang did come to this party too. She told us about harang. She said yoochun is still not recover from allergy and there were times he wore shades on stage because of allergic symptom. At first she aked him" U got allergy how can u keep one?" and he said he was alright. But after that he was down with that so she told him to just take harang away but yoochun said “how can he do that to one member of our family”. Untill now she has to let Harang stays at veranda because he can't come inside(poor harang). Yoochun calls himself daddy and take cares of dog-do and sometimes curses at him too. Harang is really smart. When he plays with yoochun and suddenly his mom appears( she is the one feeding him), harang will come to his mom. Yoochun’s so upset so she would avoid poping out when yoochun plays with harang.

She talked about his cute behavior. When he is back from drinking, he does back-hug her in the kitchen and he sits at wine bar with his legs swinging up and down talking to her until she finishes her kitchen works. “there’s no son being like this?” she said to him and he just smile at her. When she changed her hair a bit and no one even noticed, he would be the one to know and he would ask " u do sth with ur hair, right? its beautiful. Where did u do it? and that was so cute of him.
She explained that when she looks at yoochun and yoohwan, yoochun is so feminine ,cute and scared of lot of things while yoohwan is rather dignified and more manly.

She also told us story behind Love Bye Love. Yoochun asked her about the titile of the song. About one year and one month, while staying in korea, yoochun came up with title sarang annyong sarang. When he finished one part, he would ask her to listen to it and he asked her to help creating lyrics too. Finally, they both finished this song together. MOreover,Yoochun really likes wines so he always has a glass of it when he composses. There was one time she even drank a bottle with him

Food he likes to eat is native Korean food (of course kimchi~) and because of his small stomach, he has to eat just a little each time but so many times a day and that is so troublesome.

She said yoochun is not perfect but more than that he’s hard-working. She said sorry to yoochun so many times. She felt sorry that she made yoochun facing all bad experiences and have to work at such young age. He should be like other teanagers studying but because of their family he had to grow up so fast and did so many things. She felt like she could do nothing for him but instead he did many things for her and she said sorry for not being there when he got 100m competition because she was pregnant at that time

Harang was here today too and we took picture with him too.
His mom blew the candle on birthday cake for us.

And it was the end for part 1 and we had a break and started part2.
They opened yochun’s video and did some activities together. Moreover, Yoochun sent us message from japan and we were sooo touching. It was a very great event. We had lots of fun.

credits: mickyfan
translated by: khiddy
Shared by:TVXQFever
Please Take out with full credits

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  1. The part where she tells about him sitting and waiting for his mom; and asking about her hair when nobody else does - I couldn't hold my tears back anymore. >o< He's so so so cute... and so sensible for a man.