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Saturday, June 6, 2009

[TRANS] TVXQ in a German Magazine - Peach (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

DBSK has been mentioned in German's magazine "Peach", with an A4-sízed poster of the pic above ^^ There is also the German translation of "Share The World". Here the translation of the article:

What's Up With: Tohoshinki

Since our last report about Tohoshinki many things have happened, if you thought the Korean boyband would disappear like so many other casting bands, you were definitely wrong!

In 2006 they started in Asia and since then they seem to be unstoppable.
After they took home some national and international awards til the end of 2007, they released their first Japanese number 1 hit "Purple Line" in January 2008 . But there is more!
In April of the same year their single "Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta" also made it to the top of the Oricon Daily Charts and made Tohoshinki the first non-Japanese band with two number 1 rankings.
The 4th album "Mirotic" of Dong Bang Shin Ki, that's the name of the Korean band, even became the best-selling album of the year in their native country Korea.
By the end of 2008 Tohoshinki got an invitation from the Japanese music industry for the yearly "Kōhaku Uta Gassen", a well-known music show and were finally official recognized as one of the best bands in Japan.

"The rising Gods of the east" lived up to their name, cause it seems like 2009 will be successful as well.

Their latest single "Share the world/We are" was leading the Oricon Daily as well as the Oricon Weekly Charts and was chosen for the new "Once Peace Opening" soundtrack, while the sales figures of the 4th album "the secret code" are breaking all the records!

As the most photographed stars in the world they made it into the "Guinness Book of Records" for the second time.
They assume, that the shot pictures amount to ca. 500 million pieces.
By the way the first "Guinness Book"-entry was obtained a year before, for having the biggest fanclub in the world "Cassiopeia" with more than 800 000 registered members.

Currently you can hear Tohoshinki's song "Rising Sun" as a background music during a car chase in the 4th part of "Fast & Furious" in the German cinemas.

Moreover there will be another dream come true for the boys, cause for the final of their current Japan-live-tour they're allowed to perform at the popular Tokio Dome, one of the biggest Japanese concert halls.

We're looking forward to what the future might bring and we're absolutely sure that this wasn't the last time that we've heard about U-know Yunho, Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Max Changmin...

Translated by: Elina @ PhoenixFC
Please take out with full credits.

Credits : Peach Magazine+ Lia @ PhoenixFC+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com


  1. They made a mistake, they didn't start in 2006.. they had to do their homework better!

  2. I guess they mean that they started all over asia in 2006...
    I'm from germany...ahhhh...
    where can I get this magazine^^

  3. yeah, tvxq's outstanding history continues....